Qnurex EAICenter Online for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Qnurex EAICenter Online for MS Dynamics 365 simplifies data transfer to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. It can take over the resolution of lookup and picklist. All you have to do is prepare your data in flat JSON format and call the EAICenter Online Action. EAICenter Online Action becomes available when the EAICenter Online solution is published.



  • Significantly reduces development costs.
  • The user can easily define the field mapping definition in MS Dynamics 365.
  • Easy and effective integration with MS Dynamics 365 Online.
  • Timeline in MS Dynamics 365.
  • History of the received messages in MS Dynamics 365.
  • Generic execution of the field mapping definition.
  • Supports native types of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fields.
  • Supports: create-, update- and delete-operation.
  • Clones already existed Mapping Definition.
  • Exports example of a JSON Message Instance.




Microsoft AppSource

The Qnurex EAICenter Online for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available on Microsoft AppSource. You can visit it at the below link.

Microsoft Market Microsoft AppSource: Qnurex EAICenter Online for Microsoft Dynamics


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