Microsoft Dynamics 365

As an IT service provider in the field of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales-, Customer- and Field Service), we are happy to support you in implementing your professional processes, and your requirements (e.g. coaching, mapping of Excel sheets, plugins, workflows, customizing and development).

Microsoft introduced a new product based on MS Dynamics CRM and called it MS Dynamics 365. The new product consists of more than 7 components and has advanced functionalities compared to all other previous CRM versions.

Some components of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales-, Customer-, Field Service)

The green components are the three classic CRM components:

  • Sales
  • Service and
  • Marketing.

The orange component “Operations”: this component was formerly MS Dynamics AX.

The blue components are 3 new components with additional functionality:

  • Field Service (management of employee activity, appointment, and shipping)
  • Project Service Automation (PSA: Project Management and Business Process Automation) and
  • Customer Insights (Business Intelligence)

We are happy to support you in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the realization of your professional processes. In Dynamics 365, we map your business processes and Excel files.

Using our best practices, we actualize:

  • Your sales and onboarding process
  • Your service process
  • Your Project Service Automation Process
  • Your marketing
  • Your individual processes such as the KYI process, the Crefo process

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